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The 7 Best Creative VR Apps

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Gaming might be at the forefront of most VR owner’s minds but the technology does have more to offer. From communication and social apps to educational software, there’s lots to discover. If creativity is your thing then you’re well catered to. Here are XR Source’s best creative VR apps.

The Best Creative VR Apps

Creativity comes in all forms, whether you love to paint, build models, or envision virtual worlds. There’s a lot to explore and do in VR. So in no particular order, the following selection will help you unlock your ideas. Whether you’re on Meta Quest, PSVR 2 or PCVR headsets.


A design and collaboration platform, ShapesXR has been available for several years now. It essentially allows anybody to start creating in 3D without prior experience.

“You can design and prototype your immersive app, invite others to co-create in real-time, or present your ideas using ShapesXR storyboard feature. You can also share your creation with anybody without a VR headset via Web, the Unity plugin or just a picture for your 2D deck.” There’s even a mixed reality feature that maximises the latest headset like Meta Quest 3.


Another veteran of the VR creative scene is SculptrVR. Originally designed as a 3D sculpting tool, SculptrVR has grown massively beyond those confines. Using its intuitive and fun creation tools you can actually create sprawling, brilliant worlds that your friends can be invited to.

Or if you’re looking for inspiration there’s the interactive gallery with thousands of amazing creations to explore and edit. Furthermore, export everything you’ve made to FBX or OBJ for 3D printing or sharing online.

Kingspray Graffiti

Graffiti street art has become hugely popular and legitimised thanks to artists such as Banksy. If you want to give it a go yourself, without the need to buy spray paints or wander the streets, then Kingspray Graffiti has got you covered.

Grab a can and start spray painting a wall, Kingspray Graffiti is a great way to try new ideas and designs out. Or simply to improve your skills as a street artist. There are 12 realistic environments including a trainyard, Alleyway, dusky city rooftop, and an abandoned subway station to paint in. Plus, up to four players can collaborate at the same time.


For those architects among you, there’s Arkio. Far more enterprise-focused, Arkio helps you to design interiors, buildings and virtual spaces. Supporting multi-user sessions, the app allows for free movement around large spaces or entire floors, placing virtual furniture in a room, or sketching an extension on your home.

You can get creative with your interior design, creating and modifying shapes, carving openings and designing with components as if working with physical building blocks. Pros can even import/export from Unity, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, and LiDAR apps, if they want.

Gravity Sketch

Another great 3D design tool is Gravity Sketch. Supporting solo design as well as multiuser collaboration, Gravity Sketch has a passionate community of designers with comprehensive tutorials and the chance to learn from experts.

Express your ideas at 1:1 scale in a virtual studio with simple tools allowing for infinite designs. “Take sketches further with surfacing and sculpting tools. Adjust shapes, proportions, textures, and lighting to capture the right details you need to communicate your idea.”

Tilt Brush

The original artistic app for VR, Tilt Brush remains unmatched. Created by Google in 2016 – back when the company was still enthusiastic about VR – Tilt Brush has to be in every creative person’s library.

It really needs little introduction, the app lets you paint in 3D space. Users have created amazing works of art that have been exhibited worldwide. Creators have even used Tilt Brush designs in animation. It’s also worth checking out MultiBrush, a separate app that allows multiple users in Tilt Brush.

Figmin XR

The only dedicated augmented/mixed reality app on this list is Figmin XR. Overlay’s multi-purpose application for the easy creation, collection and playing of immersive content.

Its 3D sketching is powered by Tilt Brush, You can search and import 3D models, animated GIFs and Videos from Sketchfab, Giphy and YouTube. Build physics games, educational experiences, art pieces, whatever you want. There’s also a built-in Voxelizer, to transform 3D models and images into fully editable Voxels. Quite the fully-featured app!

And there you have it. That wraps up our picks of the seven best creative apps to get those artistic ideas flowing. What are your thoughts? Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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