Rainbow Reactor: Fusion is Remastered for PSVR 2

Story-driven colour-matching puzzler Rainbow Reactor: Fusion landed on Meta Quest almost three years ago. Now developer Tunermaxx Media has announced that a remastered version of Rainbow Reactor: Fusion is coming to PSVR 2 in March.

Taking its gameplay cues from colour-matching mobile titles, the idea is to throw shiny balls of energy into a central collector. These balls can be smushed together to create different colours, but you need to match at least three at a time.

“The goal with our first title, Rainbow Reactor, was to make something that was ‘easy to understand but hard to master’, said Game designer Kalle Max Hofmann in a statement “So that even people who try VR – or even just games – for the first time can jump right into it, while offering a sophisticated scoring system to keep it interesting for skilled players. 

“After that game found its success and a base of dedicated fans, we became passionate about building on their excitement, and Rainbow Reactor Fusion came into existence! We fused the true-and-tested Match-3 gameplay with a captivating action-adventure story that has players fixing up the Rainbow Reactor building and solving the mystery of its downfall on the way.”

Rainbow Reactor: Fusion screenshot

Rainbow Reactor: Fusion Remastered

Rainbow Reactor Fusion offers more than simple colour-matching. There’s a whole narrative involving a robot called Dottie and the forgotten factory you find yourself in. It needs to be rebuilt, so there are numerous smaller challenges to complete along the way.

As this is the remastered version of Rainbow Reactor: Fusion, the PSVR 2 edition features some extras. The resolution has been raised to PSVR 2’s native resolution, while the frame rate has jumped from 72 to a constant 90 fps without reprojection. Materials and textures have been upgraded and new models have been added. The lighting effects have been enhanced and there are also new and improved sound effects, a new music track, more polish, playing comfort and new story tidbits. 

Rainbow Reactor: Fusion – Remastered will be available for PSVR 2 from 1st March 2024.

Looking forward to the colourful puzzler? Let us know which PSVR 2 games you’ll be picking up next month.