Under Cover Lifts the Sheets on its Lightgun Gameplay

Next week, Sigtrap Games (Sublevel Zero Redux) and Coatsink launch Under Cover, a homage to the golden age lightgun shooters. Ahead of its release on Meta Quest, them teams have released further details regarding the gameplay.

This is an arcade action shooter where you shoot your way through wave after wave of enemies. The developer has released a new gameplay video with added commentary, showcasing some of the firefights you’ll get to enjoy. If you remember classic lightgun shooters from the arcade – games like Time Crisis – you’ll these were also classed as ‘cover shooters’. You’d normally have a foot pedal to drop you in and out of cover.

Sigtrap Games’ latest employs a similar mechanic, so you can snap in and out of cover. Many of us VR fans are used to physically moving behind virtual cover, so Under Cover employs an Active Cover System where you duck to reload. The game also utilises a teleportation system to move you between locations.

Under Cover Screenshot1

Getting into cover on Quest

Under Cover is a story-driven shooter that features both solo and co-op gameplay modes. The game features a full 5-6-hour campaign that can be played with AI or a friend. You take on the role of either Red-Eye or Magnum, described as “two undercover agents too badass to stay undercover” just like an ’80s action-packed buddy-cop movie.

“Your mission: infiltrate evil megacorp Infinidyne, take down CEO Pax Harrison, and shut down his mind-control technology before he turns billions into cybernetic meat puppets.”

Key features include:

  • Reload and dodge enemy fire like an action hero with the Active Cover System.
  • Over-the-top cinematic action with explosions, bullet time, and environmental destruction.
  • Retro score system rewards aim, speed, and chained kills.
  • Use your skills, the environment, and a wide variety of special weapons to take out goons, advanced enemies, and Infinidyne bosses.

Under Cover will be available on the Quest Store from 15th February 2024. And don’t forget to check out all the newest VR games for Feb here.

Is this your kind of game? Were you a fan of lightgun games in the past? Let us know in the comments below.