Taron Egerton Stars in Glimpse

VR storytelling has taken on many forms over the years. From the now defunct Oculus Story StudiosHenry to more interactive experiences such as Altdeus: Beyond Chronos. The latter has found its footing in recent years, with many new titles coming to take advantage of the unique immersion the medium offers. Next up on the release scheduled: Taron Egerton in Glimpse.

If titles such as The Line and Gloomy Eyes resonated with you, Glimpse is made to do exactly the same. According to developer Mr. Kite, Glimpse is a ‘heart wrenching’ interactive short. The whole experience will only take 25 minutes. But of course, Mr. Kite is hoping its a 25 minutes that lasts with you for quite some time after.

The experience which draws on the power of cinema and the uniqueness of VR storytelling to unravel the story of a breakup. Was it avoidable, or unavoidable? Sometimes, life gets in the way of what you actually want. The decisions that you make will tell that tale.

Glimpse screenshot

Designed as a cathartic animation to bring you all the feels, the intention is to help provoke an appreciation for the universality of relationships ending. Through the bittersweet romance of Herbie and Rice, you’ll see a perfect life planned together, that somehow with ego and misunderstanding all falls apart. Better to have loved and loss than to never have loved at all, they say.

As stated above, Glimpse stars Taron Egerton (Rocketman, The King’s Man) as Herbie and Lucy Boynton (Bohemian Rhapsody) as Rice. From a love story to a breakup, from artistic dreams to disillusions, Glimpse is a set to launch on 14th February, 2024. Valentines Day. It’s almost as if they planned it that way.

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