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Tiny Archers Brings Archery to Apple Vision Pro

Tiny Archers screenshot 2

Tech news feeds seem to be filled with news regarding Apple’s newest piece of hardware. Its ‘spatial computer’, the Vision Pro is designed for entertainment as well as productivity, yet VR games seem to be nowhere in sight. One of the first to confirm a game is 1DER Entertainment. Its tower defence game Tiny Archers, will be made available for Apple Vision Pro.

Tiny Archers was originally a mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Then in December last year, the studio released an early access VR edition for Meta Quest headsets on App Lab. Now, the studio has said that Tiny Archers’ official multiplatform launch in April will include Apple Vision Pro.

Tiny Archers on Apple Vision Pro

Tiny Archers sees you having to defend the Northern Kingdom from cunning goblins and ruthless orcs. A wave-based shooter, practice your archery skills from atop your tower, unleashing specially crafted arrows to take down the hordes.

If you’ve not tried Tiny Archers yet, here are some of its key features:

Tiny Archers is currently available for iOS and Android devices, with the VR edition found on Quest App Lab. The official Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest, PCVR, and Pico 4 launch is earmarked for sometime in April.

Have you ordered your $3,500 Apple Vision Pro yet? Or are you waiting for a Black Friday deal? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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