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How to Play Palworld in VR

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know the latest gaming sensation is Palworld by Pocketpair. Despite being an early-access game on Steam and Xbox Game Pass with plenty of bugs and glitches, players love it. Furthermore, thanks to the new UEVR mod you can play Palworld in VR. There are several avenues to explore, so here’s how to play Palworld in VR.

Firstly, you need a copy of Palworld. You can buy it through Steam, buy it on the Xbox store or if you have a Game Pass subscription download it for free. It’s worth noting that while a normal Game Pass subscription can access Palworld on an Xbox, for our purposes here you’ll need the Game Pass Ultimate package.

How to Play Palworld in VR via Gamepass

If you’ve got an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription you have two options. The first – and by far the easiest – is to use the new Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Meta Quest. The second is via Game Pass on PC utilising the UEVR mod.

This is just the start of your Palworld journey in VR. UEVR is a mod, with a huge array of customisation options to get the mechanics working just right. Adjust them yourself or utilise a pre-built Profile. Check out Palworld in VR in action here.

How to Play Palworld in VR via Steam

Depending on your PC it’s best to drop the quality settings in Palworld to begin with for a smooth experience. Then up them as you see fit to improve the quality.

And that’s how you can play Palworld in VR, happy gaming! For those just starting out here are 7 Palworld Tips for Beginners and a Palworld Dungeons Guide.

Let us know what you think of the game in VR in the comments below.

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