Dragon Ball Z Gets the VR Treatment (sort of)

Virtual reality (VR) gamers have been treated to some big franchises love the years. Multiple Star Wars games, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, Iron Man the list goes on. Adding to that list is Dragon Ball Z, although not as publically available as fans would probably like.

What does that mean? Well, in a tweet on the official Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event account, the organisers have a “special VR game” available for attendees. That’s right, if you want to play this Dragon Ball VR game you’re going to have to head to Las Vegas in March – unless you’re already going, of course.

According to the announcement, you’ll be able to play as the legendary Gohan during the infamous Cell saga. You can’t simply walk in and play the game, however. You’ll need to head to the official registration page and pop your details in.

The Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada on 5th-6th March 5th 2023. If you are going, you’ll be able to create a custom Profile Card, with eight avatars to choose from. There are three competitions to enter: Dragon Ball Fighter ZDragon Ball Super Card Game, and Dragon Ball Legends. However, only Dragon Ball Fighter Z is still available, running on a first come, first served basis.

There’s no indication that this Dragon Ball Z VR game will be released outside of the event, but here’s hoping. This isn’t the first time Dragon Ball has made it into VR. A few years ago an arcade version was built for Japanese audiences but never made it to western shores.

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