In Death: Unchained Gets a Meta Quest 3 Makeover

There are a lot of roguelike shooters available for VR headsets nowadays. Several years ago this wasn’t the case, with one of the leaders in the field being In Death: Unchained. With the arrival of Meta Quest 3, developer Superbright has released a huge update, making In Death: Unchained look better than ever.

In Death was originally a PCVR game released in 2018 by Solfar Studios. Superbright then ported the game to Quest in 2020. The new update for Quest 3 adds a bunch of visual improvements to the experience. These include improved interior lighting coming through stained glass windows, support for 90hz refresh rate and enemies now casting shadows.

“We were glad with the way ‘In Death: Unchained’ looked right after the newest update for Quest 2, but we knew that it had to be even better for Quest 3, as we thought of a few ideas for the players,” said Wojciech Podgorski, Superbright’s CEO in a statement. The update is just one of them, with many more to come. In Death: Unchained still gathers thousands of active players who are strongly engaged in the life of the game and up-to-date with everything new. That’s why we enjoy enhancing the game for our players. Here, it is huge; that’s why we’re still putting effort into enhancing it as best as we can.”

In Death: Unchained Quest 3 update 02 comparison

In Death is unchained

Like Red Matter 2 and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, the update fully focuses on improving the visual experience.

In Death: Unchained Quest 3 upgrades:

  • Display resolution improved by around 30%
  • Added high refresh rate support (90Hz)
  • Improved stained glass windows now provide ambient lighting inside buildings
  • Added more complex reflective surfaces allowing for more realistic visuals
  • Enemies are finally casting shadows!
  • Brand new, intricate floor patterns and high-quality materials

It’s been a while since the last ‘Desolation’ update in 2021. Now that Podgorski has confirmed further updates are coming, In Death: Unchained fans have more to look forward to in 2024.

You can find In Death: Unchained in the Quest Store. If you’re a fan of all things roguelike, don’t forget to check out our best VR roguelike games selection.