Why You Should be Excited for Dark Pictures: Switchback for PSVR2

There are only eight days to go until the launch of PlayStation VR 2 with a bountiful selection of titles to choose from on launch day. Whilst roster is exciting. There are several projects coming to Sony’s virtual reality (VR) that we’re really interested in. We’ve already talked about Behemoth but there is also Dark Pictures: Switchback for PSVR2 which needs your attention. 

Coming from Supermassive Games Dark Pictures: Switchback for PSVR2 is the spiritual successor to the studio’s first PSVR title, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Rush of Blood was a launch day title for PSVR back in 2016, becoming one of the early essential experiences. Mainly because it was on rails, so players didn’t have to worry about locomotion – a VR mechanic that caused many issues when implemented incorrectly. Furthermore, with its arcade-shooter gameplay and horror scares, early adopters got to see how immersive PSVR could really be.  

From what Supermassive Games has shown so far, Dark Pictures: Switchback looks to continue and improve upon that legacy. 

Dark Pictures Switchback

Switchback Story 

As you can tell from the title, the videogame is based within The Dark Pictures franchise, a series of videogames developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco. Featuring Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes and The Devil in Me; Switchback will be the first VR game in the series.  

All of them have some supernatural horror element to them, and Switchback is no different. However, the game mixes quite a lot into the experience, because you’re sat on a roller coaster you experience five worlds from across The Dark Pictures universe.  

You’ll need to hold on tight as the coaster races through a terrifying ghost ship, dropping you in 17th-century New England before encountering vampires in the desert. Then you try to survive a horrifying World’s Fair Hotel and find out how your story connects all these worlds. Should be quite the ride. 

Coasting Along 

As mentioned, Switchback is entirely set on a roller coaster, so it should be perfectly fine for VR newbies. Sitting down will be a perfect way to experience the game but there won’t be any time to relax. This is a shooting videogame after all, with plenty of enemies jumping out from the shadows to scare you. 

It is going to employ all of PSVR 2’s new features because all good roller coasters need to be exhilarating. Dark Pictures: Switchback will utilise the in-built eye-tracking so that enemies will know where you’re looking, appearing from where you least expect them to. Whilst the headset haptics will allow you to feel every bump and rumble of the cart as it hurtles down the rails.  

Additionally, the new DualSense Controllers with their adaptive triggers should make the weapons feel unique as you try and survive the ride. Plus, all of this is beamed into your eyeballs in lovely 4K HDR, providing sumptuous visuals to enjoy. 

Dark Pictures Switchback 2heads

Guns at the ready 

Guns were a key part of Rush of Blood and you’ll need to master them in Switchback. Supermassive Games hasn’t gone into much detail regarding what weapons might be available. But we can glean some information from the previously released trailer.  

Handguns are always going to feature and in Switchback you can dual-wield weapons for that ultimate feeling of overwhelming firepower. Revolvers do seem to make an appearance and we’d be surprised if a shotgun or two doesn’t make an appearance.

The studio has confirmed that multiple pathways will be available. As you’re in a cart, these are likely changeable by shooting select targets at the opportune moment.

When can I get on?  

Dark Pictures: Switchback was originally planned as a launch day release, but Supermassive Games pushed that back slightly. It’ll now arrive on 16th March 2023.  

You can pre-order the game now for $39.99 USD, giving you access to the Inferno Pack. This is a collection that includes the Demon Handgun, Special Edition Gold Gun, Premium skull and bones cart and a Skull bobblehead for your cart. 

Are you excited about Dark Pictures: Switchback on PSVR2? What about PlayStation VR 2 launch games? Let us know in the comments below.