Grab VR Puzzler Machizzle for Free Today on Steam

There are lots of good puzzle games for VR headsets. And while it may not have been picked for XR Source’s Best VR Puzzle Games, iNFINITE Production’s Machizzle has a new reason to entice players. Today, Machizzle is permanently free to download on Steam for VR headsets.

A physics-bending puzzler, Machizzle’s premise is simple, get the ball to the goal. Set within an atmospheric, ancient temple environment you’re presented with a table with an assortment of cubes on it. You have to use these to navigate the ball around the table, circumventing obstacles as you look for the quickest route.

Machizzle screenshot 2

Machizzle Gameplay

Featuring 80 levels across the campaign, Machizzle offers a variety of tools and options to complete each challenge. There are 18 unique blocks to choose from, ranging from speed boosts and gravity manipulators to portals. While the table remains the same size – 8×8 cubes – the height of each puzzle can vary wildly, giving plenty of vertical options.

Adding further difficulty are the golden keys. These have to be collected to open the goal. You can collect them in any order you see fit. However, there’s always an optimal route to discover using the minimal amount of blocks.

Once you’re done with the main campaign, there is a level editor to create your own puzzles and an online level-sharing option. This is likely fairly inactive considering the game wasn’t a success for iNFINITE Production but that may change now the game is free.

Considering the game launched a couple of years ago on Steam, many likely won’t have tried (or heard of) Machizzle. It’s a fun title with some challenging, head-scratching later levels.

Machizzle is free on Steam for PCVR headsets from 9 am PST/5 pm GMT. Will you be giving the free game a go? Let us know in the comments below.