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Medieval Dynasty New Settlement Brings the Middle Ages to Life in 2024

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement keyart

If you like games such as Morels: Homestead or Across the Valley but want something grittier you’re in luck. Spectral Games has announced work on a VR edition of the PC title Medieval Dynasty. Called Medieval Dynasty New Settlement, the game is coming to Meta Quest headsets early next year.

Set in the harsh Middle Ages, as the name suggests Medieval Dynasty New Settlement is all about building a thriving settlement. This is no simple task as you’ll need to explore the landscape for resources for building and crafting. Hunt and grow your food and try to survive in this unforgiving environment.

Building your own Medieval Settlement

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement will port many of the features fans of the PC original already love. But it’ll also introduce many of its own unique VR additions. Alongside immersive VR motion controls to farm the land and hunt animals, New Settlement will also include a new map and quests.

You’ll have to manage your time wisely between all the various physical tasks required. And that’s just at home, exploring the wilderness you’ll find plenty of challenges to overcome. Discover new quests, hidden treasures and characters with their own unique personalities and stories. Encouraging them to become part of your settlement in the process.

Spectral Games has confirmed that there will be two gameplay modes available, a Story Mode and a Sandbox Mode. The former will introduce all the mechanics built around a narrative-driven campaign. Whilst the latter gives players complete free rein to build their settlement however they wish.

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement is currently scheduled to arrive for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro during Spring 2024. You can view the brand-new trailer here to see the game in action.

Looking forward to surviving the Middle Ages. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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