Beat Saber Treats Fans to Free OST 6 Featuring DragonForce

It has been a little while since the hugely popular Beat Saber released an original soundtrack. But wait no more, because the Beat Saber OST 6 has arrived for free. And as you’d expect, it features some great songs.

This OST 6 selection is unique because all the songs were composed specifically for it. So it’s the first time you can hear these tunes anywhere. Furthermore, Lindsey Stirling and DragonForce mark their inaugural appearance in the rhythm-action game.

“It’s truly an honour for DragonForce to create an exclusive track for Beat Saber, a game we are wholeheartedly passionate about,” says DragonForce Guitarist Herman Li in a statement. “We hope fans will discover the exhilaration of ‘Power of the Saber Blade,’ finding it both enjoyable and challenging across all levels. We’re eagerly anticipating the skilful attempts on Expert+.”

Beat Saber OST6 screenshot

A Beat Saber Christmas

The Beat Saber Original Soundtrack 6 tracklist:

  • Lindsey Stirling — “Heavy Weight”
  • Far Out — “Lift Off”
  • DragonForce — “Power of the Saber Blade”
  • Camellia — “Tempo-Katana”

“I’ve seen people make videos playing to versions of my songs in the past, and I’ve always thought it was so fun, cool, and rhythmic,” adds Lindsey Stirling. “I think it’s amazing now that I finally have a song that I wrote specifically for Beat Saber. I’m so excited to see how people play the game with a song that I wrote specifically for them!”

Both “Power of the Saber Blade” and “Tempo-Katana” are the fastest tracks ever released in Beat Saber, so have fun with those!  There’s also a new custom environment called “Lattice” to enjoy. That’s not all, OST 6 will see a fifth song make an appearance at a later date.

Beat Saber OST 6 is available for all supported platforms for free. For Meta Quest 3 owners the headset gets two new exclusive features. Toggle between 90 FPS and 120 FPS depending on your preference, and enjoy the newly retextured obstacles with improvements in visual quality and fidelity.

Which track will you be trying to master on Expert+ first? Let us know in the comments.