Ancient Dungeon Could Escape onto PSVR 2 This Year

Indie developer Eric Thullen has been working on roguelike dungeon crawler Ancient Dungeon for several years now. Originally released on Quest’s App Lab followed by a Steam launch and then an official Quest Store roll-out, a PSVR 2 port isn’t too far away. Confirming details on both Reddit and Discord, Thullen says PSVR 2 could see Ancient Dungeon arrive in 2023.

Considering it’s now December there’s not long to go. But in response to a discussion about the port, the dev says: “The port is finished, we are just waiting on Sony to give the green light which will still be a few days. If everything goes will [sic] it will definitely be out this year.”

This is great news for PSVR 2 owners, Ancient Dungeon is a popular title with good reviews on Quest and Steam. That would make December a bumper month for PSVR 2 considering all the new VR games on the release schedule.

Ancient Dungeon screenshot

Ancient Dungeon on PSVR 2

However, even if Ancient Dungeon does arrive shortly for PSVR 2, it won’t quite be on par with the other editions. Namely, because Thullen has just released a multiplayer beta for the game. Launched a few days ago, the co-op beta has seen almost all parts of the game being reworked. As such, the single-player experience might also have changed, hence the beta.

“Not all features of the base game are currently implemented,” Thullen says. “The features that ARE implemented might be buggy and the game can start lagging at certain times.” This means he’s looking for plenty of feedback to improve the experience and iron out any bugs.

Naturally, this common process on PC isn’t doable on PSVR 2. “Please be aware that multiplayer will take a while to get into PSVR because we can’t run betas on there and Sony approval times take ages. So it will most likely come out a bit later,” the developer adds. So until the Quest and Steam editions are ironed out the PSVR 2 version will remain single-player.

Ancient Dungeon is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler with voxel graphics. There’s a labyrinth of treasures and terrors to discover, as you run around darkened corridors engaging in physics-based combat.

Are you ooking forward to the game arriving on PSVR 2? What are your festive picks for the headset? Let us know in the comments.