PSVR 2 Trophies: Kill It With Fire VR

Spiders stoke a particular fear in a lot of hearts. Whether it’s the eight legs, eight eyes, the seemingly lightning-fast speed or all of it. That’s where Kill It With Fire VR comes in to help you wreak some revenge on the creepy arachnids. Unleash all hell with an assortment of weapons and explosives. Just watch out, because they do jump right at your face! And for those brave enough, here are all 18 PSVR 2 trophies for Kill It With Fire VR on your PlayStation 5.

Kill it With Fire VR - image2

Kill It With Fire VR Trophies


  • Tiny Game Hunter – Kill every type of spider
  • High Voltage – Find every Battery
  • Ultimate Exterminator – Find all Equipment
  • Smarter, Not Harder – Find every Upgrade
  • Knowledge is Power – Find every Tracker Upgrade
  • Line of Succession – Transform a Spiderling hatched from a Queen into a Queen
  • Spick and Span – Destroy EVERY dish
  • Electic Tastes – Find every Flavor
  • Blind Justice – Kill a spider while Webbed
  • Ragtime – Smack the piano
  • Sending a Message – Burn the money in the safe
  • Oil Boom – Destroy the gas station
  • Jam This – Fire the RPG at the printer
  • Sub-Par – Get the golf ball in the hole
  • Out of Business – Knock all of the letters off KIWF HQ


  • Unintended Consequences – Get the secret ending
  • The Only Way To Be Sure – Beat the game
  • Triple Play – Kill three spiders with a single throw





And there you go, that’s the full (and somewhat empty) selection of PSVR 2 trophies for Kill It With Fire. Afterwards, once you’ve completed all of them, you might want to check out all the other PSVR 2 trophies available in the PlayStation VR 2’s library of games. Or maybe take a look at XR Source’s Best PSVR 2 Tips & Tricks and our guide to Essential PSVR 2 Accessories.