EVERSLAUGHT Invasion ‘Resurgence’ Update Aims for Gameplay Overhaul

MobX and Fast Travel Games released EVERSLAUGHT Invasion earlier this year for Meta Quest headsets. However, the response from the community was very mixed, with most finding the round-based waves lacked depth. The developer listened and has now released a new update for EVERSLAUGHT Invasion called ‘Resurgence’, hoping to do just that.

Gone are the rounds and in their place is a new Survival Mode. This means enemies now continually spawn across the map. So now can enjoy non-stop carnage, with an enemy always around the next corner, hopefully. Additionally, the gameplay mode comes bearing a new Weapon Ability System. Like some of the best roguelike games available, this provides immediate character and weapon buffs plus more permanent ones.

As you’re racing through hordes of enemies, you’ll be able to gain weapon upgrades, cooldown improvements, magical damage and more. For a more permanent upgrade, you’ll need to collect and spend blood vials. Plus there are now five difficulty settings available

Everslaught Invasion SCREENSHOT 8

The EVERSLAUGHT update continues…

There’s still more in the update. EVERSLAUGHT Invasion now supports seven new languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Russian. Plus the visual fidelity has been improved with new VFX and shader effects. Meta Quest 3 gets a bonus, of course, with additional enhancements such as higher resolution.

Even with all of these adjustments, the game remains just as brutal and relentless as ever. You still chose from one of three classes – Warrior, Rogue, and Vanguard – before running, dashing, jumping, and grappling your way through the large fantasy world. A wide variety of melee and ranged weapons are on offer and physics-based combat makes for an energetic experience.

And don’t forget that there’s a co-op mode in there too.

The EVERSLAUGHT Invasion ‘Resurgence’ update is available now for free on Meta Quest.

Are you an EVERSLAUGHT fan, and glad to hear of the overhaul? Let us know what you think in the comments below.