Per Aspera VR Out Tomorrow for Quest 2

A couple of years ago Tlön Industries released Per Aspera, a planetary simulation videogame for PC. In December, the team revealed a virtual reality (VR) edition was on the way, with Per Aspera VR coming to Meta Quest 2 tomorrow.

Per Aspera VR is set on Mars, with the main aim to terraform and colonise the hostile planet. You take on the role of AMI, an artificial intelligence whose prime directive is to make the planet hospitable to humans. Of course, that’s easier said than done on the Red Planet, when all manner of issues can arise.

Per Aspera VR

Tlön Industries has taken great care to make sure the challenges on Mars are as life-life as possible – based on scientific theories. The planet’s surface, for instance, has been replicated using geological data from NASA.

To terraform Mars, you’ll need to build a web of structures across the surface. Then collect and balance resources to expand ever further. You’ll have access to branching research trees and developing new technologies in a bid to develop the best colonisation plan.

The VR experience isn’t solely about conquering the planet. As AMI, you’ll also have to uncover a mysterious threatening presence, as well as defend your new colonies from unknown forces.

Per Aspera VR is officially coming to Meta Quest 2 on 9th February 2023. Or want some buying ideas? Check out our best Quest 2 games from last year.

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