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Paradiddle Update Hits Steam as Quest Version Arrives

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Earlier this week, XR Source reported on the launch of Paradiddle for Meta Quest headsets. But that’s not all that’s happening in the world of virtual drumming. Developer Emre Tanirgan has also released a new update for the PC VR edition of Paradiddle, bringing the new features to the PCVR version of the game on Steam.

Paradiddle is not just a game, but also a learning tool. Think Rocksmith, but with virtual instruments. Paradiddle is a realistic, responsive drum kit built for VR and MR. The idea is to let you hone your drumming skills without taking up your entire living room, and driving your family crazy. Players can learn the basics with step-by-step lessons, and more experienced drummers can hone their skills with the rhythm game mode.

The game allows players to create a custom setup using 60+ percussion instruments and play along to 30 different songs. Plus, you can import your own custom songs. You can load your own songs, audio files, and sheet music. And you can record and share your songs with the Paradiddle community. Furthermore, MIDI input/output support provides a powerful tool for composers and also lets you augment your own electronic drum kit.

Paradiddle Update Brings Multiplayer to PCVR

The Meta Quest edition of the game brought a wealth of new features with it. Not to be outdone, the PCVR version of Paradiddle has now received an update allowing all players to benefit. First up is the multiplayer. Players across PC VR and Meta Quest can use the new multiplayer mode to perform for your friends in free play, or compete to get the high score playing the built-in songs. This mode is crossplay, regardless of which platform or headset you are using.

Up to four players can join in simultaneously. In free play, you will hear each others’ instruments and be able to play freely. In the Competitive mode however, players play any of the built-in songs simultaneously to compete to get the highest score in the group. 

The Paradiddle update also brings 13 new instruments, increasing the total to 67. Existing owners of the PCVR version may be wondering why we stated that 30 songs are available, and this is thanks to 14 new songs being added in this latest update.

The new Paradiddle update for PCVR is live now. The game recently launched on the Meta Quest Store, compatible with Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro. Are you drumming into the weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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