Sclerosis the Amnesia VR Remake Now Available for Free

A couple of months ago XR Source reported that Amnesia: The Dark Descent would be getting an unofficial VR mod. That time has finally arrived, with modder Deesice releasing Sclerosis, an Amnesia VR remake. The mod is free, but you’ll still need an original copy of the official game.

Taking over three years to make the mod, Sclerosis isn’t just a simple PCVR port. Deesice has lovingly rebuilt the entire game for VR in Unity. That has meant painstakingly recreating every detail of the 2010 horror title, Whilst making it better using modern techniques and adding those much-needed VR features.

Sclerosis Amnesia VR screenshot2

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is now PCVR-compatible

The mod may have faithfully recreated the original game to preserve its essence, but plenty of changes have been made to facilitate VR gameplay.

Deesice has completely redesigned the control scheme. This is to ensure Sclerosis is perfectly adapted to VR motion controllers. Interaction is at the heart of any good VR game, ensuring players are fully immersed in the experience. In Sclerosis you can open doors, pull levers and turn valves with your own hands.

For all you retro fans out there, there’s PSX mode. This changes the graphics and music of the game to match the PlayStation 1 aesthetic, play Sclerosis as if it was released in the ’90s.

Lastly, there’s a Safe Mode. This is common in other Frictional Games projects, as an easy way into Sclerosis Amnesia VR. “Monsters in the castle are absent, and events related to their appearance are cut,” says the developer. “The lantern does not consume oil when in use. Suitable for impressionable players who want to experience the atmosphere and story without harming their psyche.”

To play the mod you’ll first need a copy of Amnesia: The Dark Descent which can be found on platforms like Steam. You’ll then want to download the mod from either or If you want to see the game in action a new trailer can be found here.

Let us know what you think of the mod and how it shapes up to others in the comments.