Space Salvage Out Today for Meta Quest & PCVR

Ever wanted to work in the gritty world of cosmic refuse collection, flying spaceships and fighting off rivals? Well, now you can as VR developer Fruity Systems is releasing Space Salvage for Meta Quest and PCVR headsets.

Space Salvage is an ’80s-themed sci-fi adventure where you’re the newest recruit for the Space Salvage Corporation. As a trainee pod operative, it’s your job to head out into the galaxy and scour locations for salvage. Featuring 30 locations to explore, you won’t be alone either, accompanied by an amoral pod computer to ensure those long working hours just fly by.

Space Salvage screenshot 1

A salvage professional

You’ll be given contracts to scavenge locations for valuable resources from dubious wreckage left behind by large-scale battles or stashed away in minefields. These areas are strewn with dangerous debris, so you’ll need to expertly pilot your craft through each site.

No contract is a simple endeavour as you won’t be the only one after those resources. Rival salvagers as well as scavengers will get in your way, ensuring plenty of dog fights and space battles. To help in this process you’ll be able to improve your sturdy pod with over 30 upgrades as you gain credits. Add new weapons like a rail gun to cause more damage or install handy gadgets to make salvaging easier.

Plus there will be plenty of other missions to complete. Participate in a race or two, help other factions and much more.

Space Salvage is out today for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and PCVR headsets. You can also try before you buy, with demos available on the Quest Store and Steam.

Will you be playing Space Salvage today? Or are you engrossed in one of the many VR titles recently released such as Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord? Let us know in the comments below.