The Light Brigade is Funktronic Labs’ Darkest Game Yet

Virtual reality (VR) developer Funktronic Labs is known for its colourful, playful style of videogames. From Cosmic Trip and Starbear: Taxi through to Fuji, they all have soft edges and delightful exuberance, suitable for players of all ages. The studio’s next title, however, isn’t as cutesy, a hardcore roguelike called The Light Brigade which is available to pre-order.

The Light Brigade is coming to Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2) and Steam VR headsets later this month. For Quest 2 owners, the videogame is available to pre-order now, with a 10% discount until launch.

The Light Brigade

Featuring an assortment of weaponry inspired by classic, World War era armaments, The Light Brigade is a roguelike where you play as humanity’s last line of defence. Defence against what you may ask? The darkness of course, and the mysterious Obsidian Forces.

Serious roguing…

As a roguelike, The Light Brigade is about completing evermore successful runs through procedurally-generated levels. Start with a bog-standard rifle and as you progress, add attachments like explosive charms, poison gun barrels, tactical scopes, and silencers to improve your chances. You’ll also be able to uncover machine guns, pistols and other weaponry the deeper you manage to tread.

With a stylish visual design, the videogame isn’t purely about vintage firearms either. You’ll have access to light magic abilities that can rain fireballs down on enemies or paired with guns to infuse bullets with special properties.

Adding further depth to the experience, you’ll be able to unlock new classes to alter your play style and upgrade equipment. Then there are the Tarot Cards, found inside treasure chests and after killing enemies. Tarot Cards offer a range of benefits, such as unique powers, buff/debuffs and passive abilities.

The Light Brigade will be available from 22nd February 2023 for Meta Quest 2, PSVR 2 and Steam VR headsets. See all the PlayStation VR 2 launch games that are coming this month.