New Gunman Contracts – Stand Alone Trailer Offers a Slick Action Slice

Some of the best VR games and apps come from solo developers with a passion for VR. Just look at the likes of Cubism, Eye of the Temple and Virtual Desktop as a few examples. Early next year, German indie developer ANB_Seth is due to launch their action-packed shooter Gunman Contracts – Stand Alone, with a new trailer highlighting the slick-looking experience.

If you’re a Half-Life: Alyx fan the name might sound slightly familiar. ANB_Seth is the creator of the Half-Life: Alyx mod series “Gunman Contracts”, spinning this out into its own fully-fledged VR game. Giving off some John Wick vibes, Gunman Contracts – Stand Alone puts you in the shoes of a professional hitman. As this deadly assassin, you take on the ruthless criminal underworld, contract by contract.

Gunman Contracts - Stand Alone trailer screenshot

Alone but heavily armed

Gunman Contracts – Stand Alone is still at an early stage but from what ANB_Seth has shown so far, looks like it could be worth wishlisting on Steam. The developer says: “The current state features the core basics and beginning of the game. The “gunmans base”, which includes various weapons to store, mod and customize, a set of gun range highscore courses and a few demo areas including bullet penetration panels, ragdoll demonstration and enemy face-off challenges.” Adding that the first Gunman Contract is being worked on, with the aim to include it in the early access release.

Eventually, it’ll feature around 5-6 contracts including various playmodes, “That is my goal, and that is what I will be working towards best I can,” Seth notes.

As a solo indie project Gunman Contracts – Stand Alone will be is early access for a significant amount of time. “While I don’t have an exact timeline at this stage, my current plan is to continue working on the game for an estimated period of around 2-3 years during the Early Access phase.”

The game is slated for a Steam Early Access release in Q1 2024. Check out the full Gunman Contracts – Stand Alone trailer here.

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