Budget Cuts Ultimate Nightmare Mode Brings Stealth Horror to VR

Stealth VR gem Budget Cuts Ultimate has a new spooky update with Nightmare Mode. Out now on PCVR, Meta Quest, and PSVR 2, Nightmare Mode reimagines Budget Cuts Ultimate as a stalker horror, as the player must navigate spookified levels while being relentlessly pursued by killer bot ADAM.

Budget Cuts Ultimate sees your last human co-worker hauled away, as robots begin dominating. A mysterious briefcase from someone on the outside is delivered to your desk. You need to get to the bottom of what is going on at TransCorp. 

To do so, you must sneak around the enemy robots. Climbing through air ducts and service tunnels is your most immediate course of action. Or you can simply embrace violence by unleashing a fistful of knives, quivers of arrows, grenades, and coffee mugs onto their unsuspecting circuits.

Budget Cuts Ultimate includes all 13 levels in the main story of both Budget Cuts and Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency. For those who have already played both, a variety of ‘mutators’ allow you to customise your gaming experience. These include Infinite Stabby Crystals, locomotion preferences, Gravity settings, Bullet Time and “Paltkoma” mode (if you know, you know).

Additionally, an Arcade mode includes a local high score system, five replayable levels, three difficulty settings, and a “budget calculator” scoring system that will show you how much your mission costs. Spending less money is better.

Budget Cuts Ultimate Nightmare Mode GIF

Budget Cuts Ultimate Nightmare Mode

In the newest addition, Budget Cuts Ultimate‘s Nightmare Mode, players must sneak, hide and run like never before. This is because weapons have no effect on this lean, mean HR machine. The update also comes with a number of additional fixes. Here’s the full patch notes:

  • New game mode: Nightmare Mode! Play the story mode levels with new puzzles, while Adam tries to stop you with his bare hands
  • Seasonal decorations! Activate this in settings to add cute pumpkins and more in levels during spooky month
  • You can now skip right to Budget Cuts 2 content if you have already played Budget Cuts; just select level 7 “Conductor” from the menu when starting a new game
  • Oil can dripper – now drips oil! Available in Nightmare Mode
  • Added safeguards to make Adam less likely to walk through walls in Human Resources
  • Various bug fixes for Adam
  • Keypads now display numbers again
  • Patched hole in wall in main menu
  • Enemies will no longer give up chasing after opening a door
  • Enemy searching bug fixes
  • Riot shields no longer collide with doors when held by a Prosecutor
  • Prosecutors no longer drop their shields when stepping on ragdolls
  • Game now remembers what tools you had equipped when loading a save file or changing scenes
  • Fixed infinite vibration on controllers when grabbing arrow after grabbing a door
  • Some minor fixes for smooth locomotion
  • Fixed some materials that looked broken
  • Fixed some minor shader bugs
  • Fixed a few minor audio issues
  • Various minor stability issues fixed

The Budget Cuts Ultimate Nightmare Update is available now on PCVR, Meta Quest, and PSVR 2 headsets. What’s more, it’s free to all players! Are you planning on cutting down some robots this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!