Kaiju Cosplay Game Gets Monster Update

Happy Kamper Pictures has launched the Monster Mayhem update for its Kaiju cosplay game. Block Buster is an action-packed adventure that lets players live out their childhood fantasies of stomping through cities and toppling buildings as an oversized monster. The free update adds weapons, new maneuvers, cosmetics, and more.

The Block Buster Monster Mayhem update includes three super-sized weapons. These are available for players to unlock now, using their in-game currency, Karnage Points (KP), in the new Karnage Store:

  • The radio tower Wattage Whacker works like a baseball bat and can summon an electromagnetic charge.
  • The Wreck-It-Ball, which can be used like a mace.
  • The Techromancer, which has a front-loading human potato launcher, and a top-loading hopper that can be loaded with citizens for a blast that annihilates everything in its path.
Block Buster logo

The Karnage Shop is a new place to purchase or unlock collectibles and weapons. Eight new color palettes are also available for Kaiju costume customisation. Happy Kamper promises there’s more to come in the future, including new monsters, skins and cosmetics.

There’s also a selection of new mechanics available for some fresh kaiju chaos. Players can now throw humans into electric fences for some spicy BBQ. Give them a nice big hug and watch them pop, or throw them across the water and see how many times you can make them skip. Or keep it simple, and give them a roar to see how bad your monster halitosis has become.

Additional setting options, such as a Blood & Gore filter and Hide Bite Animation, make the game more appropriate for young Kaiju wannabes. There’s a number of quality of life updates, too. Fixes like Notebook and Cosplay Menu player notifications, improved throwing, and a new monster theme music.

Block Buster is available on the Meta Quest 2. Happy Kamper has also confirmed that additional content is in development, as well as ports for other platforms. Could a PSVR 2 edition of the kaiju cosplay game be in the works? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!