Cosplay as a Kaiju in Block Buster

Indie VR developer Happy Kamper Pictures has revealed the launch date for its first game, Block Buster. Debuting on Meta Quest 2, the game will be heading to additional VR headsets in the near future.

Block Buster sees the player engage in city-scale destruction. All while dressed in a homemade Kaiju cosplay. An interesting premise, no? Players will tear through cities, toss tanks, smash buildings, nibble people, and leave a wake of annihilation in their path in this homage to classic Kaiju monster films.

The game is essentially a scavenger hunt. Players will destroy everything in the path to obtain items, find secret paths, and eat people. Before you go an a rampage you can choose between five playable monsters, and then customise your outfit through a simple build and paint mechanic.

Once in the cityscape, you’ll find a variety of hidden bonuses including new paths and hidden items, rewarding you with collectables that you can then exchange with other players. The game also includes multiplayer, however no details on that have yet been revealed.

Block Buster logo

Block Buster Launch Plans

Block Buster is set for release on the Meta Quest 2 on March 30th, 2023. Meta Quest Pro is also supported.

Additional platforms will follow, however it’s not yet been confirmed which. PC VR is an easy bet, perhaps PICO? The elephant in the room however, is of course PSVR2. Something about Block Buster sets it up as perfect for the console VR platform.

Taking a look at some of the best PSVR2 games currently available, many of them showcase a unique but cohesive world to engage with. There’s a variety of action in there – racing in Gran Turismo 7, mountain climbing in Horizon: Call of the Mountain – but the common thread remains the believable world in which they reside. Block Buster looks as though it could maintain that thread.

Are you ready to don your Kaiju cosplay and tear apart the city? Let us know in the comments below!