Bootstrap Island Demo Now Available

Maru VR’s Bootstrap Island has been father some pace of late. Originally announced back in January, the game has garnered a keen following. Since then, the developer has confirmed a planned 2024 release, and a demo version. Today, that Bootstrap Island demo has finally arrived.

VR gamers who download the Bootstrap Island demo will awake to find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious tropical island. Here, they must quickly learn to adapt and survive. You’ll need to explore the island to find food and drink, and collect materials to make fire. Surviving the dark night will be no easy task. There’s the ever-present threat of being eaten alive by ferocious beasts.

The demo version of the game is focused entirely on PCVR headsets, such as the Valve Index and Meta Quest PC link headsets. Bootstrap Island is intended to offer a realistic survival adventure in an immersive, yet comfortable VR experience. The game has been designed with minimal menus and natural feeling controls.

Bootstrap Island screenshot

Some of the game’s features PCVR players can look forward to exploring are the in-depth systems-based gameplay, such as tearing open coconuts for nourishment and tinder. Realistic and detailed interactions such as striking together flints to create sparks for a fire. A dynamic day and night cycle on the island. Finding randomised resources inside locked treasure chests. And there’s the grande finale: witnessing an active volcano erupt.

The Maru VR team will also make an appearance during Next Fest on Steam for two livestreams. These are scheduled for Tuesday, 10th October, 2023, at 9pm PST, and Wednesday, 11th October, at 9pm EST. The developers will be discussing the origins and future development of Bootstrap Island, answering players’ questions, as well as sharing a few tropical survival tips.

Bootstrap Island is currently set to arrive on Steam Early Access in Q1 of 2024, and the full release is set for 2025. Are you playing the demo today? Let us know in the comments below!