The Best VR Deals (Feb 2023) 

It seems like February has arrived awfully fast, with the previous month littered with hardware and software announcements. Of course, the big rollout this month is the launch of PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) in a few weeks. For now, though, we’re far more interested in what virtual reality (VR) deals can be found today. So here are our tops picks from around the web.  


Meta Quest 2 

Let’s start with the ever-popular Meta Quest 2 headset. This device has become the benchmark for VR – the Xbox Series S if you will – where more powerful VR devices exist but not with the same consumer reach. Quest 2 saw a price increase in the middle of 2022 due to rising costs so to mitigate that somewhat, there have been regular offers such as a free copy of Beat Saber or the Elite Headstrap thrown in. 

As of today, Meta doesn’t have any Quest 2 deals going on its website. However, wait a few days and it will. As revealed earlier this week, purchase Meta Quest 2 between this Sunday, 5th February and 5th June 2023 and you’ll get two free games. These are GOLF+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX, worth a total of £38 GBP ($50 USD). Not a bad start to your VR gaming collection. 

Elsewhere, Amazon US has refurbished Quest 2’s for $349.99 with limited stock available 

Quest 2 Accessories 

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro 

While Quest 2 is a great little headset, it is starting to get a little old, having launched in 2020. Therefore, if you want the latest tech from Meta, then it’ll have to be Quest Pro. This mixed reality (MR) headset can not only play all of Quest 2’s library, but it also offers full-colour passthrough for immersive augmented reality (AR) applications.  

That new, fancy tech comes at a price though. £1,499.99 GBP ($1,499.99 USD) to be precise. However, there’s currently a very limited-time discount available for those in the US and the UK. If you’re in North America, you can pick up the headset for $1099.99 until 4th Feb, so decide quickly. In the UK you’ve got a bit more time. The Meta Quest Pro has been reduced to £1299.99 until 11th Feb 2023.  

These discounts can also be found on Amazon if you prefer. Amazon US has the Meta Quest Pro at the same discount whilst Amazon UK has a marginally better deal, selling the Quest Pro for £1239.99


HTC’s direct competitor to the Quest Pro, the VIVE XR Elite isn’t even out yet but there’s a deal to be had for those interested. If you pre-order the headset before the 15th February, then you’ll get five free games. 

Those games are Green Hell VR, Les Mills Bodycombat, Unplugged: Air Guitar, Figmin XR and Glimpse.  


Meta Quest 2

So you’ve bought yourself a new Meta Quest 2 headset. Now, what the hell do you do with it? Buy some awesome games! Here are a few deals on the Quest store to look out for.

PlayStation VR


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