Viveport Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Three Awesome Free Games

It’s surprising to think that Viveport, HTC’s videogame subscription service – and the first for VR – is now seven years old. Launched in HTC Vive’s heyday, just like the hardware, its consumer popularity has significantly waned over the years. But now, as Viveport celebrates its 7th anniversary the service is offering up three awesome games for subscribers to keep.

Just like Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Meta Quest+ and all the other subscription services out there, Viveport aims to tempt PC VR players with three games. These are nDreams’ Fracked, Until You Fall from Schell Games and Primal Hunt by Phaser Lock Interactive. None of them are particularly new, but they’re all decent games in their own right. Which can’t always be said for Viveport’s overall library.

Best VR Roguelike Games - Until You Fall

Viveport 7th Anniversary gaming

It’s likely you heard of all three games. Fracked was initially released as a PSVR exclusive back in 2021 before being ported to PCVR the following year. A high-octane action game, Fracked puts you in the shoes of a secret agent trying to save the world. Featuring exciting skiing sequences, some casual puzzles and plenty of running and gunning, it’s an enjoyable VR experience. Albeit a little short.

Schell Games’ Until You Fall is a stylish roguelike focused on heart-pounding melee combat. Taking on progressively difficult knights using a uniquely engaging sword-fighting system, it received rare reviews upon its 2020 release. Until You Fall still holds up very well today, part of XR Source’s Best VR Roguelike Games list. Schell Game even brought Until You Fall to PSVR 2 this summer.

Finally, there’s Primal Hunt. Mix Turok with Jurassic World and you get Primal Hunt, where you encounter Triceratops, Velociraptors and, of course, Tyrannosaurus Rex. To keep things interesting, these creatures are then augmented with cybernetic enhancements. This is the newest of the bunch, with Phaser Lock Interactive releasing the at the beginning of 2023.

To nab all three games the deal is quite simple, sign up for Viveport’s annual subscription. The offer is open to new and existing subscribers. If you go for the monthly option you’ll only get Fracked to keep. The deals end this Sunday 8th October 2023.

As Viveport celebrates its 7th anniversary will you be joining in? Let us know in the comments below.