Out of Scale: A Kurzgesagt Adventure is an Edutainment Game Coming to Quest

Schell Games is well known for its entertaining VR games like the I Expect You to Die series and Among Us VR. But the studio also knows a thing or two about edutainment, having previously released HoloLAB Champions and HistoryMaker VR. Its latest is a collaboration with the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt on Out of Scale: A Kurzgesagt Adventure.

An educational game, Out of Scale: A Kurzgesagt Adventure takes: “the iconic look and feel of [Kurzgesagt’s] 2D videos for users to explore and learn about the concept of scale.” Players will use a multitude of lab tools to explore worlds within worlds. The scale ranges from molecular, bacterial and insect, through to human and mountain.

Out of Scale: A Kurzgesagt Adventure screenshot2

Kurzgesagt Edutainment

Using drones and scanning tools, players will be able to observe science in action, covering biology, physics, and chemistry. Missions will involve giant ants, fungi and even the infamous tardigrade. Players won’t be alone either, they’ll be joined by STEVE, the lab’s AI assistant.

In addition to the main game, it’ll also feature a Multiplayer Theater: “where players can invite their friends and watch Kurzgesagt videos together in VR.” Plus there’s a mixed-reality sandbox mode. This allows objects and creatures unlocked in the game to be seen in the real world.

Kurzgesagt has been making humorous educational videos for several years, aiming: “to spark curiosity about science and the world we live in.” With a unique artistic style and approach to narrative, that makes its videos engaging to all learners.

Out of Scale: A Kurzgesagt Adventure is coming to Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro on 26th October. It’s available to pre-order now on the Quest Store for $15 USD/£10.99 GBP. Check out the first trailer here.

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