A Red Matter PSVR 2 Upgrade is Coming Very Soon

After the positive from its first VR game Daedalus, Spanish developer Vertical Robot’s second title was a big hit. Red Matter (2018) was a gorgeous sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian Cold War universe. Completely puzzle-based, the game was atmospheric and wove a mind-bending narrative. Now the studio has announced that Red Matter is getting a free PSVR 2 enhancement.

Making the announcement over on X (formerly Twitter), Vertical Robot has confirmed what those improvements will be. The 2018 classic will get 4K textures as well as revamped controls. Both of these will also arrive for PCVR. PSVR 2 players will also enjoy foveated rendering as well as “smooth 90fps with no reprojection.” Which should make the game glorious to look at. It’ll also include expanded language support.

Red Matter screenshot

The Return of Red Matter

In Red Matter, you step into the shoes of Agent Epsilon, tasked with a top-secret mission. You have to infiltrate a secret Volgravian lunar base on Rhea, a moon orbiting Saturn. But you find the base seemingly empty, exploring its myriad hallways and labs to discover a truth far more fantastical than you could imagine.

The game creates a tense, almost claustrophobic atmosphere at times. Throwing various puzzles that intertwine with the story to build suspense. It was by no means a perfect game as the replay factor was lacking, but all the other elements held together very well.

Well enough that Vertical Robot released Red Matter 2. Expanding the narrative, it also enhanced the gameplay with several action elements, whilst staying true to its puzzle roots. Red Matter 2 arrived earlier this year for PSVR 2.

Red Matter for PSVR 2 will be made available from 5th October 2023. It’ll retail for $19.99 GBP but if you already own the original PSVR edition then there’s no extra cost. It’s a free cross-buy upgrade.