Varjo Areo Huge Price Drop Makes for Exciting VR Gaming

Looking for an affordable VR gaming headset? You’ve probably thought about the Meta Quest 2 or even the Valve Index. But now there’s another to consider, the ultra-high-end Varjo Areo. Originally released back in 2021, the headset was Varjo’s first consumer-focused device, coming in at a mere €1990 EUR ($2000 USD). Now though, it has received a 50% price reduction, dropping it down to €990.

Varjo is a Finnish company that has generally catered towards the enterprise market with devices like the €3,645.00 Varjo VR-3. The arrival of the Varjo Areo saw its cheapest headset to date, with some truly astonishing specifications for consumer VR gaming. Featuring the highest angular resolution of any consumer headset at the time, the Aero sports Varjo’s retinal resolution technology. It has Dual Mini LED LCD displays with 2880 x 2720 px per eye, a 115° horizontal field of view (FoV) and automatic IPD adjustment thanks to in-built eye tracking.

Varjo Aero image1

Varjo for the masses

A $2000 VR headset is hardly what you’d call ‘consumer-friendly’ but at $990 the Varjo Aero becomes a far more tantalising prospect. Especially if you’re a hardcore VR gamer looking for the best.

However, there’s a slight caveat to that price and the Varjo Areo in general. This is a SteamVR-compatible headset, and as such, needs to be used with Lighthouse Base Stations and Valve Index controllers. None of which come supplied. If you’re upgrading from an older PCVR system then great. Otherwise, buying the controllers and tracking sensors will up the price to around $1600.

Considering the age of the headset, Varjo might be trying to clear its stock although the Areo is still a pricy prospect.

Especially considering the amount of rivals coming to market soon. You’ve got the Meta Quest 3 starting from $499, whilst headsets like Bigscreen Beyond and Somnium VR1 are vying for their own corner of the market.

What do you think of the price reduction? Tempted to buy a Varjo Aero? Let us know in the comments below.