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Meta Quest Update Improves Avatars, Adds Horizon Feed But Hides Your Games

Meta Quest Update Horizon Feed

Meta has begun rolling out its monthly update for Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets – v57 this time. It offers a range of improvements, from adding more detailed avatars to the ability to unsend image messages. But the biggest change is to the main landing page, with users now greeted by Horizon Feed, their one-stop shop for all games, apps and Reels.

The landing page has seen continual revisions over the years as Meta tries to find a format it likes. Currently, you’re greeted by Explore, a busy selection of feature tabs, game suggestions, people in your contacts and more. If you’ve got used to the layout then prepare for another major change. Seemingly in a bid to promote and homogenise the Horizon brand across the platform, Horizon Feed “is your go-to to find content relevant to your passions and interests,” the company notes in a blog post.

It certainly seems cleaner yet the emphasis seems to be on finding new games and showing you Reels. Unless you want to get back into the game you’ve just played, there’s always been a lack of urgency in getting to the app library. v57 continues that trend by the look of it, but now with a whole new landing page to figure out.

Fancy Avatars

Also on the improvement list are the Meta Avatars. These have never been particularly detailed or able to offer the range of options users expect to see. That could be about to change in v57, adding a more nuanced approach to avatar creation, supposedly.

“Now you’ll be able to fine-tune things like your hair and eyebrow colour, more accurately adjust your skin tone, add makeup and face paint, and otherwise make your VR persona better reflect how you see yourself IRL,” states Meta. You’ll be able to put that claim to the test in the next few weeks.

And then there’s the ability to unsend image messages in VR. Send a pic to the wrong person or hit send too early, now you can wind that mistake back. Or certain countries can. The feature is being introduced to Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the US. It’ll also be available in the Meta Quest mobile app.

Are you looking forward to the new Meta Quest update? Or are you awaiting Meta Quest 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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