PSVR 2 Trophies: Toss!

One of the more unusual titles to arrive in 2023 for PlayStation VR 2 has been TOSS! The brainchild of Agera Games and Vertigo Games, TOSS! is a physical platformer where you’re a monkey collecting bananas. Laid out before you are a series of jungle gyms, where you have to climb, swing and leap to collect your prizes. Here are all 16 PSVR 2 trophies for TOSS! on your PlayStation 5.

The trophies in TOSS! aren’t complicated, you just need to get to the end of each area. Doing so is a little more difficult as navigating these areas involves agility and timing. There are 75+ playgrounds across 9 vibrant cloudscape biomes to explore. Plus you can unlock modifiers like Zero Gravity and Double Toss to change the gameplay.

TOSS! image1

Toss! Trophies


  • Hands-on Experience! – Complete First Level
  • Earning the Cuffs! – Complete Area 1


  • Toss of Faith! – Complete Area 2
  • Swinging On! – Complete Area 3
  • Ape, Adapt, Overcome! – Complete Area 4
  • Wind at your back! – Complete Area 5


  • Hot Hands! – Complete Area 6
  • Black Cuffs Tosser! – Complete Area 7
  • Toss Boss! – Complete Area 8
  • Ape-n-out! – Complete Bonus Area
  • Banananana! – Complete All Banana Challenges
  • On Par! – Complete All Grab Challenges
  • In a rush! – Complete All Time Attack Challenges
  • Go Beyond! – Complete All Challenges In All Levels Of An Area
  • Go even further Beyond! – Complete All Challenges In All Levels Of The Game


  • Certified Monkey! – Collect All Trophies

And there you go, that’s the full selection of PSVR 2 trophies for Toss! Afterwards, once you’ve completed all of them, you might want to check out all the other PSVR 2 trophies available for the PlayStation VR 2 launch games. Or maybe take a look at XR Source’s Best PSVR 2 Tips & Tricks and our guide to Essential PSVR 2 Accessories.