Portal Escape Chamber Launches for Free

It’s time to put on your lab coats and try to escape from the free new Escape Simulator DLC. The Portal Escape Chamber is now available on Steam. Are you ready to put your anti-containment skills to the test? You can asses your mental dexterity either by yourself or with your fellow scientists.

The Portal Escape Chamber DLC was developed with permission from Valve and is now available to all . In this free new Escape Simulator DLC, participants are taken behind the scenes at the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center, where a Portal-themed escape room awaits them. Up to 10 players can enter the Portal Escape Chamber containing many familiar elements such as Companion Cubes and Personality Cores. 

Escape Simulator VR - Valve's Portal DLC screenshot

Tomislav Podhraški, CTO and co-founder of Pine Studio, said, “To create something with Valve’s famous Portal IP is a dream come true, and we’re honored that we are allowed to embed it into our own style! We hope players enjoy this new Portal-themed escape room and that they stay tuned for more: escape fans can expect more exciting news this winter!”

During the launch of the Portal Escape Chamber, Escape Simulator is available at a discount of 33%. This is the game’s highest discount since launch. The previously released DLCs Steampunk and Wild West are also included in the sale. Both are currently 10% off normal price. 

The Portal Escape Chamber is part of Pine Studio’s roadmap for 2023. Earlier this year, the long-awaited VR version of Escape Simulator was revealed. The co-op puzzle game also received two free updates this summer, consisting of the pirate-themed Treasure Island and Versus Mode.

Are you a fan of Escape Simulator or the infamous Portal franchise? How do you feel about the two finally coming together? Let us know in the comments below!