Border Bots VR Release Date Set for this Month

Paw Print Games’ upcoming simulation-puzzle game has been in development for quite some time. Last month, seemingly out of nowhere, a collaboration with vTime Games and Team17 was announced to bring Border Bots VR to PSVR 2, SteamVR and Meta Quest 2. Now, an official release date has been announced for Border Bots VR. And it’s soon.

Border Bots VR is the light-hearted robot-led future. Players will step into the life of a human border agent attempting to climb up the corporate ladder. Robots have begun ignoring their orders, causing widespread panic. As robots attempt to travel between districts, law enforcement has come down hard. New checkpoints have been established, and you as an enforcement officer must check each robot to ensure they have the right paperwork. And of course, aren’t carrying any contraband.

Border Bots VR has more than a little Papers, Please influence. But, of course, the presentation is significantly different thanks largely to the use of VR. Players must detect unauthorised items and turn away any robot without the correct paperwork. Utilise a variety of quirky gadgets, including a 3D printer, barcode scanner and contraband detector, to interact with a host of friendly assistant AI and mechanical denizens.

Border Bots VR screenshot 2

Border Bots VR Gameplay

The gameplay of Border Bots VR progressing in three stages. Firstly, you must analyse the documents of each robot. Check for discrepancies and unauthorised modifications, while confiscating forbidden items. You can use an array of handy gadgets, such as a 3D Printer, Barcode Scanner, and Contraband Detector, to weed out unscrupulous types. As you do so, make your play for promotion. Rise up the corporate ladder by purchasing upgrades, gadgets, and booth enhancements, and keep an eye on the competition with performance review leaderboards.

Team17 Digital has set the Border Bots VR release date on PSVR 2 and SteamVR for 28th September, 2023. A Meta Quest 2 version will also release early next year.

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