Far Cry 6 VR Mod is Now Available

The VR community has a long history of modding flatscreen games into immersive experiences. There are some creators far more prevalent on the scene than others, one of them being Luke Ross. He’s created VR mods for the likes of GTA 5, Mafia, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Ross has now released his latest, a VR mod for Far Cry 6.

Like his previous projects, the Far Cry 6 VR mod adds some – but not all – of the immersive elements you’d expect in a VR game. The mod features full 6DOF VR, adding depth so you can lean in and out for a greater sense of presence. There’s also head aiming, co-op multiplayer support and more. However, there are no motion controls, so you’ll be running around and shooting as per normal.

Far Cry 6 screenshot

VR Modding

Whilst VR modding is still very niche within the industry, it has gained more and more followers over the years. Whilst these are all unofficial mods, there have also been official ports. Most notably Resident Evil 4 by Armature Studios for Quest 2.

To access the Far Cry 6 VR mod you’ll need to sign up for the creator’s Patreon which is $10 USD (£8.50 GBP) per month. This will give you access to all of his previous VR mods as well. Naturally, you’ll still need to own Far Cry 6. The standard edition on Steam is currently £49.99.

In fact, Ross’ Far Cry 6 VR mod isn’t the first to mod the series. German coder Holger Frydrych created a VR mod for the original Far Cry game from 2004! A lead developer behind the Half-Life 2 VR Mod, Frydrych’s mod includes motion controls as well as 6DOF. The mod is completely free – download here – but you will need a copy of the original on PC.

Does VR modding interest you? Will you be trying out Ross’s mod? Let us know in the comments below.