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Amnesia: The Dark Descent is Unofficially Coming to PCVR

Amnesia: The Dark Descent screenshot

We all love a good VR horror game but there’s always room for more! Especially if it’s an indie horror classic like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. First released back in 2010 for PC, the game is getting an unofficial VR port with full motion controls later this year.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent was the work of Frictional Games but this new port is unaffiliated with the studio. It’s the work of indie developer Gordey Eremin who remade the game in 2021 for Android devices, calling it Sclerosis. Because it was unofficial, it was removed from mobile stores, although you can still get it via

Sclerosis: An Amnesia VR Remake

Eremin has released an announcement trailer showcasing the motion controls in action (spotted by Mixed). The object interactions look smooth and fluid, albeit simple, with many of the items interactable.

If you’ve played the original game you may remember that it played on the protagonist’s fear of the dark. Visual effects were then triggered, creating further fear and madness. Reportedly, these have been reworded for the VR edition.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent occurs in an old castle in the 19th century. You’ve no clue as to why you’re there. It’s only through exploration and finding scattered notes that you begin piecing things together. You also begin to realise you’re not alone, something evil is stalking you.

Since 2010, the Amnesia series has been further expanded. A Machine for Pigs (2013), Rebirth (2020), and The Bunker (2023) currently round out the collection.

Sclerosis VR is slated to arrive this Autumn for PCVR headsets. There’s no indication of wide headset support at the moment. Like Eremin’s previous project, it’ll likely be a free game on

Like the look of this VR port? What’s your favourite VR horror game currently? Let us know in the comments below.

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