Cards & Tankards VR Overhaul Arrives

Divergent Realities has announced the release of the Cards & Tankards 1.3 Update. This comprehensive update offers an overhaul of the VR implementation of Cards & Tankards. It also introduces new features designed to enrich gameplay, including the addition of the ‘Lair’ for subscribing players.

The Lair allows players to dive into a new gaming environment. Set in the dungeon-like Lair of the Dungeon Master Faction, this exclusive location offers subscribing members a unique setting to enjoy their card battles. Engage in thrilling matches and savor the atmosphere of this distinct gaming space.

Divergent Realities has stated that the Lair will become available to all players in the near future. However, the studio has offered no specific timeline.

Other additions include Battle Mode Based Havens. Here, you can find fellow players who share your preferred battle mode: Standard or Draft Mode (with Ranked support soon to come).

Cards & Tankards screenshot

Cards & Tankards VR Experience

Divergent Realities are also promising advancements in the all-important VR aspect of the game. The studio has invested in refining the overall VR experience by updating physics and lighting within the existing Tavern. The updated VR elements ensure a smoother and more engaging adventure.

“Adding new playable spaces is our first major step towards letting players explore the world of Sol’domis,” says Creative Director and Lead Game Designer Christopher “Avid” Atwater. “We plan to tell a story through exploration, where players will begin to uncover hidden truths about this amazing universe we are building, and what better place to start than with the Haven of our first faction, the Dungeon Masters!”

To experience the Cards & Tankards 1.3 Update and enjoy the new “Lair,” connect with fellow gamers in Game Mode Based Havens, and immerse yourself in the improved VR environment, players can download the game on their preferred VR platforms, including Meta Quest 2.

Have you been playing Cards & Tankards? How do you feel about this new update? Let us know in the comments below!