Thief Simulator VR Gets New DLC

The second chapter of the top selling Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street for Meta Quest 2 is now available. Richie R. Street DLC continues the story from the first chapter and introduces a completely new, bigger and richer neighborhood, guarded by new tenants with a revamped, enhanced character AI.

Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street was released on 7th July, 2022, and was very positively received. This initial release was the first part of a planned trilogy, with the new Richie R. Street DLC continuing the plot of the first part. Players once again take on the role of a minor burglar bailed from prison by the Lombardi family. You’ll be guided through the next levels of your thieving career by your mentor, Vinny.

Having already explored suburban Greenview Street, our protagonist is sent to a completely new location inhabited by wealthy people. The luxurious Richie R. Street.

Thief Simulator VR screenshot

Thief Simulator VR Richie R. Street DLC

The new DLC map is even bigger than Greenview Street. It expands the game area to more than twice the size of the original game. The Richie R. Street map is filled with luxurious estates and packed with expensive loot. Plus new characters, premium cars and increased security; guards, cameras, alarms and high fences that will all challenge the player’s skills.

The Thief Simulator VR Richie R. Street DLC, similarly to Greenview Street, was remade especially for Meta Quest 2 and offers a different and unique experience in comparison to PC or PCVR version. Apart from the enhanced immersion, new graphic design and multiple proprietary solutions, 3R Games has introduced new character AI, new facial animations and full NPC voice-overs. At the release of DLC, the game will offer over a dozen new missions, including never-seen-before Meta Quest 2 exclusive story quests and the 1st side jobs pack; more of which will arrive with free updates for the DLC.

3R Games announced that the Thief Simulator VR franchise for Meta Quest will be constantly expanded. This strategy begins with a free content update #8 for the original game, released on the same day as the Richie R. Street DLC. The Thief Simulator VR trilogy will be concluded in the Industrial Street DLC, but the studio plans to release additional DLCs and updates that will include new maps and new missions apart from the main story. New DLCs are to be released later this year.

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