PSVR 2 Trophies: Firewall Ultra

Possibly the biggest PlayStation VR 2 release of the summer, First Contact Entertainment is back with the highly anticipated Firewall Ultra. And here are all 42 PSVR 2 trophies for Firewall Ultra for PlayStation 5.

Firewall Ultra screenshot

Firewall Ultra Trophies


  • Mistakes Were Made – Die from an enemy proximity mine in any public match
  • Backstabber – Eliminate a player from behind using your melee weapon in public Contracts
  • No scope – Get an elimination with a sniper rifle without using ADS in public Contracts
  • 1st Rodeo – Successfully complete a contract in any public match
  • Ambidextrous – Get a left- and a right-handed kill in a public match
  • Eye for an Eye – Eliminate a player that killed you in an earlier round of public Contracts
  • Anonymous – Eliminate another player that never spotted you in public Contracts
  • Bullet Sponge – Get hit by 9,001 bullets in public matches
  • Access Granted – Activate 100 access points in public matches
  • Medic – Get 100 revives in public matches
  • Sighted In – Eliminate 100 players with a headshot while using ADS in any public match
  • Hack That App Up – Initiate the laptop hack 100 times in public matches
  • Blind Faith – Eliminate a player with your eyes closed in public Contracts
  • The Whites of Their Eyes – Make eye contact with an enemy from less than 10 meters away in any Public match
  • Thumbs Up – Have yourself and a teammate give a thumbs-up to one another in any public match
  • Easy On The Eyes – Close your eyes to avoid being blinded by a flash grenade 10 times in any public match or the Tutorial
  • Crouch Crasher – Sneak 5,000 meters while crouched, in public matches
  • Mall Walker – Walk 20,000 meters while standing, in public matches
  • Marathon Runner – Sprint 42,195 meters in public matches
  • Assaulted – Eliminate 100 players with an assault rifle in public Contracts
  • Blasted – Eliminate 100 players with a shotgun in public Contracts
  • Clipped – Eliminate 100 players with an SMG in public Contracts
  • Sniped – Eliminate 100 players with a sniper rifle in public Contracts
  • Capped – Eliminate 100 players with a pistol in public Contracts
  • Bombed – Eliminate 100 players with an explosive in public Contracts
  • Payload – Mine 100 cryptominers in public matches
  • Tactician – Disarm 100 pieces of enemy tactical equipment in public Contracts
  • Bomb Squad – Disarm 100 pieces of enemy lethal equipment in public Contracts
  • Nice Brass – Fire 10,000 Rounds in the shooting range


  • Trained Up – Complete the Gauntlet run in under 3 minutes
  • 2nd Rodeo – Win the first two rounds of a public Contracts match
  • Hack the Planet – Initiate 3 concurrent laptop hacks in public Exfil
  • Ace – Eliminate all 4 opposing players in any round of public Contracts
  • Team Ace – Have 1 person on each team get 1 kill in a single round of public Contracts
  • Pacifist Hacktivist – Initiate the laptop hack and win the round without attacking anyone in public Contracts
  • Forgotten Password – Win a round of public Contracts as a Defender with an active signal modifier after your entire team is eliminated.
  • Crypto Cow – Spend 1,000,000 crypto


  • Contracted – Complete a contract as all 10 of the contractors in a public match of Contracts or Exfil
  • Around The World – Complete a contract in a public match on all 8 maps in both Contracts and Exfil
  • The Mechanic – Get at least 1 kill with every weapon & lethal equipment item in public matches
  • The Black Hatter – Initiate a laptop hack in a public match on all 8 maps in both Contracts and Exfil


  • Job’s A Good’un – Complete all trophies for Firewall Ultra

And there you go, that’s the full selection of PSVR 2 trophies for Firewall Ultra. Afterwards, once you’ve completed all of them, you might want to check out all the other PSVR 2 trophies available for the PlayStation VR 2 launch games. Or maybe take a look at XR Source’s Best PSVR 2 Tips & Tricks and our guide to Essential PSVR 2 Accessories.