Vertigo 2 Release Date Confirmed for PSVR 2

The PlayStation VR 2 has some great titles on the horizon, one of them being sci-fi shooter Vertigo 2. Thanks to the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2023 this week, a Vertigo 2 release date has now been confirmed for later this year.

As part of a new accolades trailer shown during the presentation, Vertigo 2 arrives this coming October for PSVR 2. As you’ll notice during the trailer, the PC edition of the game has received wide acclaim from the press. It is one of the most talked about first-person VR shooters of the year, making for an exciting edition to PSVR 2’s roster.

Vertigo 2 screenshot - PSVR 2

Vertigo 2 Release Date

Vertigo and Vertigo 2 are the work of solo developer Zach Tsiakalis-Brown. Initially focusing on the PC version, he had always hinted that a PSVR 2 edition was a possibility.

It carries on the story from the first game – although you don’t need to have played the first to play the second. Featuring a 10+ hour, 18-chapter campaign, Vertigo 2 is a narrative-driven adventure filled with unusual enemies and an arsenal of weapons.

“Deep underground in the reaches of Quantum Reactor VII, you awake to finish your journey home,” the synopsis explains. “You’ll have to face bizarre alien flora and fauna leaking from other universes – and deadly android security forces whose job is to purge the reactor of all life. Try to determine who to trust as sinister agents lurk just out of sight.”

Vertigo 2 arrives for PSVR 2 on 24th October 2023. There’s no indication just yet on how it’ll be priced. Both digital and physical editions of the game will be made available. Although it is currently unclear if they’ll be on the same day.

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