Swordsman to Hit the Official Quest Store Soon

Sinn Studios has brought its medieval combat game Swordsman to most VR platforms including PSVR 2, Steam and Meta Quest. The latter, however, has only been available through App Lab, Meta’s alternative distribution method. That’s about to change very soon with Sinn Studio unveiling an official launch date.

Swordsman is now set to hit the official Meta Quest Store on 31st August 2023. “Looking back to the beginning in 2020, we were a small group of enthusiasts with a big dream — to make a great sword-fighting game,” said the team on Discord. “It hasn’t been easy, and we faced many challenges, but your encouragement and belief in us have been the driving force behind our progress.”

PSVR 2 Trophies: Swordsman VR - screenshot

Swordsman’s Future

Alongside the official Quest store announcement, Sinn Studio also mentioned updates. Without going into specifics, the team notes: “We’ve also been working on two game-changing updates (that we’re confident you’ll love).”

The team was keen to talk about its efforts to improve combat. In a brief video, CEO and co-founder Alek Sinn said that they’re currently developing “a standalone architecture for VR combat”. This will then help power Swordsman as well as future titles. So the studio will definitely be staying within the VR combat space going forward.

“This is a studio-wide effort to advance VR combat through research and development of new AI systems, including machine learning for play-intent predictions, new animation pipelines designed specifically for VR combat and so much more,” Sinn continues. “We don’t want combat in these worlds to feel like an afterthought, we want you to be fully immersed in a grounded, physical experience. Challenged by realistic and lifelike AI.”

Realism is key in Swordsman, where weapons have weight and armour matters. Fight Knights, Vikings, Mongols, Samurai, and Pirates, then head back to the Blacksmith and Armourer to buy and upgrade your equipment.

Have you played Swordsman yet? What did you think of the combat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.