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SolarBlack Brings Beat Saber Vibes to Steam

SolarBlack keyart

Andromeda Entertainment has launched Niel Widy’s debut game, SolarBlack, for VR players worldwide. This action-rhythm game is made exclusively for VR, and there’s no denying its similarities to a certain beat stick game.

In SolarBlack, players will slice and shoot to the beat to defeat an other-worldly threat. Born from the mind of a single developer, Niel Widy is a professor who wishes to ‘open up his game for self-expression’. Immerse yourself in new worlds as you train your body and mind in time to a soundtrack crafted by the developer himself. Control the tempo of the battle as you see fit with Flextime (a unique slow-motion feature) and seek to unravel the secrets of the universe on your journey to becoming the ultimate legend of sound and space.

SolarBlack Gameplay 

SolarBlack features more than 26 unique environments, and five difficulty settings. This variety mean there is something for every player, whether legend or legend-in-training. The game is built on the foundations of being easy to pick up, tons to train for, and explore. 

Players slice and shoot to the beat with their futuristic SaberGun, weaving two fighting styles together in pulse-pounding unstoppable rhythmic action. See where you place among the galaxy’s strongest heroes and explorers with global leaderboard, or challenge yourself to be the best you can with local high scores. There’s also a selection of collectable to discover throughout the game.

The game includes 13 unique tracks composed by also Niel Widy, and is planned to receive many more future updates. It also features YUR Watch integration, allowing players to monitor their workout as they take part in the rhythm action gameplay.

SolarBlack is available now via SteamVR. The game is compatible with all SteamVR headsets, and Meta Quest 2 via Air Link. Are you excited for another rhythm action game in VR? Check out our picks for the 7 best VR rhythm action games, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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