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Inter Solar 83 Demo Teases an Intergalactic Voyage

Inter Solar 83 keyart

Solo developer Joe Chisholm, aka First Time Games, will soon bring Inter Solar 83 to VR gamers worldwide. The ambitious space exploration and survival game is currently in development for PC VR, but gamers can get hold of an Inter Solar 83 demo via Steam now.

Known for the acclaimed game Go For Launch: Mercury, Chisholm’s ambitious open universe game embraces a captivating 1980s aesthetic. Inter Solar 83 promises to take players on an epic and thoughtful journey across the stars. They will be forced to rely solely on their wits and resourcefulness to navigate and keep their ship running. And keep themselves alive, of course.

According to Chisholm, Inter Solar 83 breaks new ground by ‘elevating hyperspace travel to a pivotal part of the experience’. Unlike many games where it acts as a loading screen or a transition between scenes, Inter Solar 83 invests substantial time and gameplay during hyperspace jumps. Players will be required to make strategic decisions and engage in various activities while traversing through hyperspace. The intention is to amplify the depth and immersion of the overall experience.

Chisholm also cites the attention to detail when it comes to managing and maintaining your spaceship as one of the game’s standout features. Players must perform repairs, conduct scientific research, and craft resources. All while traveling between distant stars.  

Inter Solar 83 offers an unparalleled VR adventure, combining the nostalgia of the 1980s with cutting-edge VR,” said Joe Chisholm. “Players will embark on a truly lonely and awe-inspiring trek through the stars, where every decision counts, and survival depends on their ingenuity and adaptability.” 

As stated above, a demo of Inter Solar 83 is now available for play via Steam. Players can experience the boundless wonders of space ahead of the launch of the game.

No specific release date has yet been specified for Inter Solar 83. However, we do know that the game supports the OpenXR platform, and thus will be compatible with most PC VR headsets as well as Meta Quest 2 via Air Link.

Will you be journeying to the stars in this new Inter Solar 83 demo? Let us know in the comments below!

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