Cards & Tankards Update 1.2 Brings Card Types

The VR collectible card game Cards & Tankards is set to receive a bunch of changes this week, with the arrival of the 1.2 Update. This comprehensive update introduces a host of new features, reimagined cards, and enhanced community tools.

Cards & Tankards is a virtual trading card game (TCG) designed to recreate the experience of a local game shop. Players earn new cards from wins and daily rewards, or buying them from the innkeeper. Players then use these cards to construct decks to battle against other players or the AI opponents. It sounds simple – and it is at first – but soon a cohesive strategy overrides your choices in a similar fashion to the Pokémon TCG or Magic: The Gathering.

Cards & Tankards 1.2 Update Contents

Here’s all the details for the new 1.2 Update, verbatim from developer Divergent Realities:

New Cards: A collection of 21 new cards has been meticulously designed to deepen the strategic diversity of each faction. The introduction includes five distinct cards per faction and an enticing Neutral card to challenge players’ tactical acumen and creativity.

Card Reworks: The update heralds a transformative shift by reworking 33 existing cards. These reimagined cards showcase enhanced synergies and abilities, inviting players to explore new strategies and seize opportunities.

Introducing Banes and Boons: Unveiling two innovative card types – Banes and Boons – that activate upon drawing. This addition introduces an unforeseen layer of excitement, igniting discussions and analysis among players as they navigate these intriguing new interactions.

Legendary Rarity Cards: Cards & Tankards introduces a brand-new rarity level – Legendary. Formerly known as “Unique,” these cards have now ascended to Legendary status. This new card rarity adds an extra level of suspense when opening packs and getting other card rewards.

Enhanced Moderation Tools: Recognizing the importance of fostering a thriving and positive gaming community, the 1.2 Update includes comprehensive enhancements to the moderation tools. These tools empower players and moderators alike, creating a more welcoming and secure environment for all.

Cards & Tankards Update 1.2 screenshot

“With this update, we aimed to round out the existing synergies, add a few additional ones, and in some cases overhaul them entirely so that the Core Set of cards in Cards & Tankards has a diverse and exciting meta,” said Chris Atwater, Creative Director and Lead Game Designer.

The Cards & Tankards 1.2 Update launches today, 10th August, 2023. Have you been enjoying the game thus far? Let us know in the comments below!