Townsmen VR is Coming to PSVR2 at Launch 

Sony revealed its PlayStation VR 2 launch games selection last week, highlighting 30+ projects coming to the virtual reality (VR) headset. However, VR developers are still revealing new projects, as HandyGames has just announced. The studio has confirmed that city builder Townsmen VR is coming to PSVR2 for launch.  

While Supermassive Games has had to push its title Dark: Pictures Switchback to March, Handy Games is set to release Townsmen VR on 22nd February. Day one for PSVR 2. You’ll be able to pick the game up both digitally and as a physical retail version for all you collectors out there.

Townsmen VR is Coming to PSVR2

HandyGames’ longest-running franchise, Townsmen is all about growing your own little settlement into a thriving city. Utilising builders, farmers, hunters, and soldiers, the videogame combines God-game simulation and classic building game elements. This time it’s in VR, embracing the immersive qualities of PSVR 2 with the haptics of the new Sense controllers. 

There are over a dozen islands and archipelagos to build upon, and more than 20 unique upgradable buildings. Naturally, as your population grows, you’ll need to manage resources and demand for food. Build farms to grow grain, mill that and turn it into bread. Rear cows, sheep, and chickens or send hunters out to hunt for rabbits. View all of this from a god-like overview or shrink down to inspect your handiwork firsthand. 

However, you can’t rest on your laurels. You’ll need to ensure your settlement is well defended, as rival kingdoms will try and invade. Additionally, there are pirates to beware of, roaming the seas looking to rob your resources.   

Townsmen VR is coming to PSVR2 alongside many other VR titles. These include Gran Turismo 7 (as an update), Horizon Call of the Mountain and Moss: Book II, to name a few.  

Which games are you most looking forward to? How about these best PSVR2 launch games? Let us know.