C-Smash VRS August Update Brings Co-Op, UNKLE and More

One of the surprise summer releases for PSVR 2 has to be C-Smash VRS, a reimagining of SEGA’s Cosmic Smash. Created by Wolf & Wood and RapidEyeMovers, the game is a futuristic form of squash, played either solo or competitively online. The studios have plenty planned for their C-Smash VRS August update, which will see plenty of new content arrive. This includes new music, instant replays and a co-op mode.

In a recent Tweet via the C-Smash VRS ‘X’ account outlines most of what players can expect to see over the next few weeks. The main additions are the new gameplay modes. Rather than going head-to-head online, the co-op mode dispels the competitive element. So you and a mate can enjoy the simple beauty of the gameplay.

As the name suggests, ‘Infinity Mode’ allows you to play forever. A dynamically generated arena keeps on changing with the music to keep things interesting. Get ready for the ultimate C-Smash VRS workout!

C-Smash VRS screenshot

Infinite C-Smash VRS

The developers aren’t stopping there. As XR Source previously reported, the team has collaborated with UNKLE on a new track and level. They’ve remade DJ Ken Ishii’s original Cosmic Smash track Antimatter which will be made available in August.

Other features will include a new Verses Bot for solo players to compete against, brand-new levels and instant replays. So you’ll be able to watch those awesome game-winning points again. Finally, there’s the much-requested Music Player, where you can relax and listen to C-Smash VRS’s mixes.

Supposedly there’s going to be even more that the teams have yet to divulge. There’s also indication as to whether this will be one big update, or broken down into several smaller ones.

C-Smash VRS arrived exclusively for PSVR 2 in June. It combines racket sports and action puzzle gameplay. Players are able to dash, duck and perform trick smashes as they complete dozens of levels that combine fun and fitness.

What do you think of the C-Smash VRS August update? Looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments below.