DJ App Tribe XR Spins a new $200 Subscription Service

If you love DJing and virtual reality (VR) then it’s likely you’ve heard of Tribe XR. Released in 2019, Tribe XR is the premium DJ app for anyone interested in learning the decks without all the expense and space required. Originally a paid app, the team has decided to move to a subscription service model. Featuring several different tiers, including a whopping $199.99-lifetime membership, past owners get a special deal.

Subscription services in VR are nothing new, used by Supernatural and FitXR, plus there’s the new Meta Quest+ VR subscription. With the launch of Tribe XR v10.5 this month, the DJ app now offers a single pricing tier. This is billed either monthly, yearly (at a discount), or as a single one-time payment for lifetime use.

Tribe XR img2

Tribe XR for life

As the Tribe XR team detailed on Discord, the move is all about the apps future growth. “We want to invest in and grow Tribe, to offer the best Learning, DJ, Production and Performance tools and services to our community. We have tried to find a pricing structure that’s hopefully reasonable and fair for our customers, and allows us to expand the tools, mentors and DJs available to support our Tribe.”

Tribe XR is now free to download, with a 7-day free trial available to all new users. However, if you’ve owned the app since launch – or more precisely before the update – then get back on it. You will be gifted a Tribe-for-Life membership worth $200! That gives you access to all of Tribe XR’s premium features, even if you never paid for Tribe Plus.

As for Tribe Plus subscribers, you’ll no longer be billed. You’ll also be gifted a Tribe-for-Life subscription for free. Giving you continued access to the features you know and love.

The app is renowned for giving users access to accurately modelled Pioneer DJ equipment – CDJ-3000 and the DJM-900NXS2 Mixer. As well as tutorials, Soundcloud Go access and much more.

Did you buy DJ app Tribe XR and then not use it? Well, you might want to go back and give it another try. Let us know your thoughts.