Lovecraftian Adventure Waking Tides is a Surreal Fusion of AR & PC Puzzles

The mere mention of augmented reality (AR) gaming tends to conjure up thoughts of Pokémon GO or Google’s new Space Invaders: World Defense. However, not all games utilizing AR have you running around the neighbourhood. Upcoming Lovecraftian adventure Waking Tides is a Steam game where you’ll have to solve puzzles using your phone.

Created by solo developer Dries Schaballie, Waking Tides is described as “a small but captivating atmospheric adventure game”. Mixing a surreal narrative with otherworldly visuals, the game is part walking simulator and part puzzler, with AR extending the gameplay.

Waking Tides img2

AR blends Lovecraftian adventure Waking Tides

When it comes to AR implementation, Waking Tides employs digital QR codes in the game. As you’re wandering through the ethereal landscape you’ll come across objects that’ll have a QR code on them somewhere. Using your phone, scan the code and then cast the 3D object into your room. Once there you can investigate it for clues.

Because Schaballie uses webAR, there’s no additional app required. So you can open up your Android/Apple smartphone camera to activate the content.

Giving a bit more detail in the game’s narrative, the synopsis explains: “In the murky haze of an unsettling fog, a fateful bond is shattered as your faithful companion vanishes into the watery abyss. When consciousness returns, you find yourself stranded on an enigmatic oil rig, a haunting testament to the unknown. Bizarre and otherworldly objects litter the rig’s deck, their unearthly presence mocking the laws of reality. As a pulsating pain grips your skull, an enigmatic and perilous odyssey unfolds, beckoning you to uncover the secrets that lie hidden within this twisted realm.”

Waking Tides is slated for release later this year for PC, with AR support on Android and iOS devices. You can see the trailer here.

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