PSVR 2 Trophies: Hubris

Looking for a stunning sci-fi adventure on PSVR 2? Then you’ve come to the right place as Cyborn’s Hubris sets up an epic adventure. There are, of course, plenty of trophies to unlock along the way. So here are all 26 PSVR 2 trophies for Hubris on your PlayStation 5.

Hubris PSVR 2 - image4

Hubris Trophies


  • Incompetent – Fall to death 10 times
  • New Toy – Upgrade gun
  • Spray N’Pray – Unlock burstgun
  • Up close and personal – Unlock shotgun
  • OOO Floor Manager – Knock a wet floor sign
  • Imposter – Try to shoot the Lucia drone, Wack and Cyana
  • OOO-Recruit – Complete the game on easy mode (without switching difficulties)
  • Complete Chapter I – Reach the spaceport


  • No Stone Unturned – Collect 30 pieces of cyan
  • Loner – Skip Lucia drone activation dialogue
  • Tick Wrangler – Feed 5 fruits to ticks
  • The Exterminator – Kill 30 ticks
  • Decycler – Dematerialize 4 empty healing capsules
  • Squidhunter– Kill 50 squids
  • Out of this World – Print and eat some luxury food
  • Not the lil squids! – Destroy 5 squids in a single blast
  • OOO-Trooper – Complete the game on medium mode (without switching difficulties)
  • Complete Chapter II – Find Cyana
  • Complete Chapter III – Reach the Terraformer Entrance


  • Conservationist – Swim through the cave system in the waterpond without killing any squids
  • Speedy Apprentice – Complete the tutorial in under 4 minutes without dying
  • Hoarder – Collect all special materials in the Hangar Exterior
  • License to speed – Complete the speeder level under 5 minutes without dying
  • OOO-Veteran – Complete the game on hard mode (without switching difficulties)
  • Complete Chapter IV – Escape the terraformer


  • HubrisVR – HubrisVR Platinum Trophy

And there you go, that’s all the PSVR 2 trophies for Hubris. Afterwards, once you’ve completed all of them, you might want to check out all the other PSVR 2 trophies available for the PlayStation VR 2 launch games. Or maybe take a look at XR Source’s Best PSVR 2 Tips & Tricks and how to Extend PSVR 2’s Controller Battery Life?