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Cards & Tankards Update Brings New Mode & Animated Cards

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Divergent Realities has announced the release of a new Cards & Tankards update. Available now for players worldwide, the Cards & Tankards update introduces two new features: Draft Mode and Animated Golden Border Cards.

Cards & Tankards is a VR rendition of a trading card game (TCG). Players must collect cards and build a deck, taking on all comers in a virtual tavern. That is, unless they dive straight into the brand new Draft Mode.

Draft Mode allows players to compete against each other in drafting a deck of 40 cards. With unpredictable card pools and intense battles, Draft Mode offers endless variety and strategic depth. Players must carefully select each card, putting their skills to the test to create the ultimate deck. Draft Mode provides a level playing field and offers a fresh challenge for players to showcase their strategic prowess.

In addition, Cards & Tankards has revamped its animated cards with a new golden border. The animated golden border adds a touch of elegance and prestige to the game. From summoning powerful creatures to casting awe-inspiring spells, the animated golden border cards enhance immersion and provide a visually captivating experience.

Cards & Tankards Update

“Divergent Realities is thrilled to introduce Draft Mode and Animated Golden Border Cards to the world of Cards & Tankards,” said Chris “Avid” Atwater, the Creative Director and Lead Game Designer. “The  infinite replayability of our Draft Mode, along with the newly re-envisioned Animated Golden Border rewards, is a much-needed addition to our game that our loyal player base deserves. I personally plan to hop in the Taverns and Draft alongside my fellow Adventurers during launch week, so I hope to see you all there!”

To experience Draft Mode and explore the animated golden border cards, players can update Cards & Tankards now. The game is currently available for SteamVR and Meta Quest platforms.

Have you been playing Cards & Tankards? Are you excited for this new update? Let us know in the comments below!

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